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Prayer Requests

Mom bp is uncontrolled in the fact that it will be 180 and within 30 min be down to 60/40. c/o cp ha sob. They are assess her renal arteries and the adrenal glands. She has also lost 30 lbs in 4 months unintentionally. She has daily GI upset. We went to a new Dr. yesterday and he seems to have a direction. So i feel much better. Running test and will go from there. Please add her to the pray chain. -T.J.
Please pray for Jane Gabriel. She has had 2 surgeries in the last month, & is not recuperating as well as she was expected to. Pray also for Ben, her hubby, who is attempting to care for her. - Ginny Tam
Please keep David, Susan and their family in your prayers. David's Mom, Rachel Leonhardt, passed from this life in her sleep this morning. We know she is now at peace and with our Lord. -Susan Leonhardt
Please consider praying for the city of Houston and the residents of Galveston for continued strength in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  My family and our home had minimal effects from the power outage and the high winds, compared to the other devastated communities surrounding us.  We are thankful for the support and prayers from friends and family, and for our resilient communtiy, but it will be a long recovery for most. Our daughter's school has been closed for a week due to power outage and water damage.  Gasoline is limited.  But, Our God (El Shaddai) is a mighty and powerful God and we are trusting in Him! -Thanks, Mahalo, Pauline Kim
Ginny Tam just phoned, & requests prayer for her mom, Priscilla Hong. Since her dad passed, Ginny says her mom has been quite anxious. She was seen in the ER on Sat, & had a follow-up this morning. She has blockage in the right side of her heart, & will have a procedure today (Wed) morning @ 0730hrs (HI time). [Mrs. Hong cannot remember what the doctor said, so the family isn't sure exactly what type of procedure she's having, other than she might be put to sleep.]
(This is from 1 of my childhood friends in New Orleans.  His mom was hospitalized over the Christmas Season.  Please lift her & her family in prayer.
Also, Cordell, my friend, is a kidney transplant recepient d/t polucystic kidney disease (PKD). He has been doing well until a few months ago, when he was unable to maintain control of his blood pressure, & his kidney labs were elevated. Still he continues to work as an EMT & care for his mom. Please pray for him & his family, also.) -Mahalo, Connie
Dear Connie, Bless you for you heartfelt concern during this moment of misfortune. Prayers never hurt anyone. Tomorrow I'm taking all the prayers you've sent with me to the hospital and read them to her. She is conscious but mildly sedated .Mostly to relieve pain from the ventilator tubes. A bronchial wash was done early this week and an infection specialist is determining the further scope of treatment. The pneumonia was acquire while rehabbing in the ward from the respiratory arrest that ignited the heart attack. Her pulmonary surgeon that worked on her four years ago admitted that there was a spot on her lung at the time that he failed to address at that time . The wash cleared up a lot of the mucous and blood from her lungs and they are cautiously sucking the flem that remains trapped in the larynx and esophagus. The color has returned to her face and she looks much better. She is on minimum vent setting breathing more on her own than machine assistance. I've been trying to catch up with the Dr's, working on the case but as with many hospitals  in the area they are working more than one place. You have to catch them when you see them. The pulmonary and infection docs are calling the shots more or less right now. The surgeon is easy to talk to and gives the simple and straight forward answers to our questions, but his involvement is limited towards decision making. Alas, My mom is a strong woman and will not go down easily. I know the pain is great. I couldn't stand having that tube down my throat and it's so frustrating feeling so totally helpless. Meanwhile, the numbers came back from the Rappamune replacement from the Prograff. On the 2nd of DEC. The Creatinine level was 2.1. after 12 days on the Rappamune, it dropped to 1.6. That is the baseline set after the transplant and the ideal level for my condition. This was in the mist of a cold, allergies and what I hope is only an insect infection. Very impressive drug. There have been some side affects both they seem to have corrected themselves. Next week I'll see the doc and explain the symptoms. That will give me time to make sure the medication is the cause. Once more thank-you for your Prayers and kind notes. They are deeply appreciated. Love to you and yours family and continue to keep Christ as the pilot of your life. -Sincerely,Cordell   

Spoke w/ Ginny Tam, her mom's heart cath was @ 1030hrs today. She did well, & the docs did not find any problems w/ her heart. Apparently, it's her arthritis that's causing chest wall pain, rather than true heart pain. Ginny thanks all for their prayers.

Mahalo Connie & Prayer Warriors! My neighbor Chris finally returned home from the hospital this past Sunday and is up and about and in very good spirits. She spent the holidays in Tripler and her husband Leo was there quite a lot just giving her support. May the Lord shower you with joy for your loving prayers.
-Blessings, Myrna

Dear Connie, Please pray for Gerri Tokuhara.  She was so anemic on Saturday, she collapsed and was taken to emergency and had to have 3 units of blood.  Although she is home now, Gerri will be ungoing surgery on Tuesday (l3th) for cancer (this is her fifth bout in 10 1/2  years).  Her faith is strong and Gerri is still praying for that miracle from God.  Please let's pray that the Lord will guide her doctor and caregivers as she receives this very critical surgery on Tuesday and that she will recover fully from it. Blessings and much thanks to all. -Eileen
Thank you for your prayers and your phone calls. I've decided to write Erik's update on a document and paste it. Please continue to lift him up in prayers. 
This is an update on Erik’s condition. Since his emergency procedure that was done on December 30, thinking that he had a kidney stone attack, he had a tumor removed from his bladder and had a stent in to help pass the kidney stone. He went back on Monday, Jan. 5 and had a golf ball size kidney stone lasered. The stone was not dense and is uric acid based. The result of the biopsy on the tumor was received on Tuesday, Jan. 6. The bad news is he has bladder cancer. The good news is the cancer is considered superficial and not growing in his muscle wall. There are so many good news that is outweighing the bad. We thank God that he’s here in Illinois where I can care for him. Ronnie’s and Nadine’s friend is Erik’s urologist and has been given excellent care and attention. On December 30, Erik was seen immediately. We called the doctor about 9:00 am (on his vacation), went to have x-ray, blood and urine tests done at 10:30 am and was in OR at 12:30 pm. God is so good. Erik has decided to have Dr. Ciancio continue caring for him here in Illinois. He is scheduled for a physical exam in a few days, removal of stent week of Jan. 19 and scoped again on Jan. 27 for exploration and potential biopsy .We will be returning to Hawaii on or around February 2 and return to Illinois around Feb. 14.
He will then be on immunotherapy once a week for 6-8 weeks. This is the latest information we have for now. Considering everything that has happened, Erik is doing well. His spirit and appetite is good. He will need to cut back on his protein in-take big time. We will be consulting a dietician regarding his diet. We will keep you informed as reports are received. Please keep Erik in your prayer for all of us to witness God’s healing grace. THE POWER OF PRAYER! Take care of each other and thank you for your prayers and we thank God in advance for answered prayers. Love you all - Naomi
They removed the trachea tube today and have mom on CPAP right now. Things are looking better, and recovery is started. My older sister, Nokomis arrived today to help us with my mother. My vacation ends tomorrow so it was good timing. Being optimistic things seem to be going positively. Thanks again for your prayers and concern. They mean a lot to me. I'll keep you posted on the progress and will write soon.  God bless you and yours'.  solemnly yours' Cordell

Hello Everyone,  School starts tomorrow. I am happy to start another semester but I know this semester is going to be a lot of work.  I get to start clinical. (What a scary thought!) Please continue to pray for me. Thanks for all your support, encouragement, and prayers. As for mom, we are waiting on the 24 hour urine results. Going to see GI consult for scope this week. We should have some answers by the end of the week or the start of next week. Thanks for the prayers. -T.J.
Dear Connie, Please pray for Gerri Tokuhara as she prepares  for her surgery on Tuesday at 7:30 a. m. at Kapiolani Womwn's.  She is anemic but has received blood transfusions that have helped immensely.  Please  pray for her doctor that he will be led by our Lord for a successful surgery.  We pray that Gerri will know that God is with her through it all. Thank you, -In Christ's love, Eileen
Dear Connie,  This is just a quick note to let you know how my mother is doing. She's been off the ventilator since Sunday P.M.  right now they have he on the 02. Yesterday she was able to eat solid food and she has the good motor sensory abilities. She's able to talk. Man, is she able to talk and the doctors are aggressively treating the pneumonia. They haven't identified the strain yet but are giving her the Avillox on a drip and Zosyn orally. Things appear to be progressing positively. God bless you and your family and thank you for your prayers and support.-Always Cordell ,

Connie, Please add my sister Faye back to the prayer list.  The ovarian cancer came back in four places, liver, sternum, and two other places I forgot.  The doctors are going to have to change her treatment this time around, because Faye also has heart problems.  The doctor did not give her a prognosis, (or she isn't telling us) so please keep her on the prayer list.
My Father has also be diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, stage 4.  My father hasn't said too much about it, and the family hasn't talked to his doctor.  So I really don't know how serious this is.  The doctor could not give him a common drug for treatment because he has heart disease.  My mother isn't doing to well either,  she is having a very hard time walking.  I think it is due to either Arthritis or her Sciatic Nerve.   She has been taking epidurals for the serious pain.  The rest of the family are doing well.  Thanks. -Give Thanks For Each Day, Corene

Connie,When I come home from visiting Tracie in LA my knee's hurt so bad because she has stairs in her home.  After two days of visiting her, I can barley make it up the stairs.  I'm  having a MRI on Friday 16th, to see if anything is torn.  Pray for me too. -Corene
Ginny Tam asks prayer for Randy Dupont, who recently had back surgery. He remains in critical condition in ICU w/ breathing problems.
Hi folks- this is my friend from Hawaii- and these children are her husband's daughter and son-in-law. They live on the mainland. Prayers and grace for all the family, please. Thanks--- Bonnie
Dear Bonnie and Ron, Addison (21 months) is  in the hospital with pneumonia and not breathing well-so please  pray for her and her family. One of the twins is also congested so Kathleen is going to take her in tomorrow before going back up to the hospital. Dave is taking off work and they are staggering their visits around the twins feeding schedules, so things are pretty tough at the moment while they are worried about her. This is a time when we wish there was not an ocean between us. Thanks for your prayers, -Nancy and Vic

Hi all- rec'd a note from my friend in Hawaii today- the keiki are doing much better. 21 mo old Addison is home from the hospital, the pneumonia has been checked. The twin babies are also doing well. The family is still holding their own! Thanks for your prayers.
A new prayer request for my friends mother- P.-86 yr old dynamo,  scheduled for lung and bladder cat scans the next three Fri- Jan 16, 23, and 30. Prayers for a positive and helpful diagnosis and resolution to her medical problems.Thanks again for all your prayers. Peace and many blessings. -Bonnie
Hi Connie, My father is a member of Kaiser.  So whatever doctors they send him to, he will go.  I don't know what kind of doctors he is seeing, not because the family doesn't care, but because we have to pry everything out of him.  He doesn't tell us too much about is ailments, he doesn't ask the doctor any questions, (because he doesn't want to know) he tells us the bare minimum because that's all he knows and wants to know.  Daddy is being very difficult these days.  I have asked both my parents to move to Houston with me.  My father doesn't want too, my mother is.  Daddy said he is going to stay in LA, and move to a Senior Citizen Home.  We all have talked ourselves into a argument with him, but he still refuses to come to Houston.  According to him, because he doesn't know anyone, he wants to stay in his church, and he can't get around like he wants to in Houston.  We told him the Senior home will only cook him one meal a day, and when he is unable to get around on his own, he can't live there anymore.  The Senior home will not provide health care assistance.  Believe me Connie, we are all sick about this, along with Faye.  Daddy is very, very stubborn, and it seems like he is living from day to day.  He is not talking about, or making any plans, for when he will not be able to get around on his own.  My mother is moving in with me around May.  She has a very hard time getting around, and knows she needs help.  Daddy you can't talk to him, it's very sad.  It's make me cry just to tell you or anyone about it, because I feel so helpless, and worried about him.  Lately Daddy has had bouts of  incontinence or wetting on himself,  because he cant make it to the bathroom on time.  My mother said he now spends hours, just sitting in his car, sometimes even falling asleep.  I asked Daddy about this, and he said "I go outside to watch my neighbors, and so I won't stay in the bed and sleep all day"   You can see what we are going through Connie, and our hands are tied.  He is intent on doing things his way.  I pray to the Lord to let me be prepared for whatever He needs me to do, when the time comes.  I feel helpless because I have no control, and Daddy's not giving up control.  He won't even make a Living Trust, he says everything will go to my Mother when he dies.  When we ask him what about if Momma goes first, he just looks at us and shrugs his shoulders.  When we try to explain probate to him and what will happened if he doesn't have a Will, he just shrugs his shoulders and says "I'll be gone, that's up to you guys"  I can go on and on Connie, but you get the picture.  We just pray, we don't know what else to do.  And legally he shows no signs of not being stable enough, or not being in his right mind to make decisions for his self.  So we could not try to take over Conservator from him.  We just have to keep him on the prayer list. Thank You, take care, and tell the family hello for me. Give Thanks For Each Day -Corene

It never rains but then  it pours!!! An urgent plea from my sister in Penna. A friend in the office next to her had a co- worker confide in this friend today in her office. He and his wife had their first child three  months ago. The father was really rattled- the co-worker never said his name to my sister- only that this infant had just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the spine? head? or both sites. The worker seemed to feel it was both sites. The infant's name is Nathan- he is scheduled for surgery as soon as possible- Thursday or Friday of this week. They told the parents he had a 88% chance of survival- ?surgery ?cancer or both?. They were also told they would not be able to get all the cancer during the surgery, and radiation treatments would be necessary following surgery. Prayers please for the infant, those medical personnel who will be caring for him, and especially the parents and family members. Prayers for a successful surgery, post surgery treatments, and recuperation. Prayers for the family- parents and grandparents- for strength, trust, and grace to sustain them in the following days and weeks.
Prayers also for a friend and his son Thomas, 35 years old, who was injured New Years day in a dune buggy accident. Severe head trauma was sustained- he was moved today to another facility---step-down from acute care, and prior to rehab. It promises to be a long haul. Thanks for your generous prayers-- Peace and many blessings- Bonnie
Dear Connie, How great is our Lord!  Gerri Tokuhara's surgery was a success and she is on the mend.  The Lord again heard all the prayers and answered so many requests.  Her doctor was very pleased that he was able to get 99% of the tumors and that her condition is excellent.  Her next step is the chemo and she will again need all of our prayers and support.  Thank you all for your prayers. In Christ's love, -Eileen

Aloha Connie: Please ask for prayers for Ed Tam.  He was found unconscious in his driveway this evening.  Gini thinks it may be a diabetic coma; the ambulance has been called and they are on their way. Thank you. - Cheryl

Prayer Warriors, please pray for Joanie and the baby she is carrying (see story below).  Joanie is the mother of Joshua who is the little boy that Hawaii fell in love with.  Josh made the headlines last year when he was chosen to represent Hawaii on the little league baseball team that played on the White House lawn.    
Doctor informed Joanie tonight that they may have to deliver the baby tomorrow (Friday) because there's a possibility infection may set in due to her water bag break.  Please pray that God will bless the hands of the physicians and give them wisdom to make the right decisions as they treat mom and baby.   Let it be our prayer that the Tokuda/Miyasawa family be blessed with a health baby girl.  Love in Christ ... geri
 Dearest Sisters in Christ,
This is an urgent prayer request for Joanie and our granddaughter Jackie.  I meant to e-mail this request earlier. About a month ago Joshua was exposed to the Fifth Disease (you can read about it on the internet) with just a sniffle and rosey cheeks.  Praise God HBA was informed by the carrier's mom and in turn the school contacted Joanie because she is pregnant.  The scarey thing is adults will not contact the virus but the unborn baby could be exposed which was the case for Joanie.  Because the school alerted her to this virus she called her doctor although she wasn't feeling sick and she went in for more test and found she was ok.  A week later they called and said the baby was exposed and that she had to be monitored very closely.  She's been seeing a specialist and going to many doctor visits.  Well last night at 12 am her water bag broke and now she is in the hospital and the doctor is hoping she can hang on for another 3 more weeks when baby will be 34 weeks.  Anything before 34 weeks is considered premature.  She is now 31 weeks.  If no infection sets in there is a possibility she can deliver in three weeks.  She needs to be confined in the hospital till she gives birth. 
I visited her this morning and she looks fine but needs some rest.  Hard to believe but she drove herself to Kapiolani Hospital this morning at 12 am.  She said she didn't want to bother us and that Jeff really needed to rest because he just got home from a business trip and needed to rest for his busy day at the office.  (Gosh I didn't know my daughter was that tough and thoughtful.  Praise God for her spirit.)  At first Joanie wanted to keep things quiet because she didn't know what Joshua would say to his friend so her prayer was that no one get offended or feel bad because it really is no one's fault.  Wow another spirit of the Lord.
Love you all, -June

19JAN09                                                                              Spoke w/ Ginny Tam a couple of times, & she said that Ed is doing fine. He doesn't remember passing out. He awakened in the ambulance, wondering where he was. He spent a few hours in the ER, and was able to go home afterwards. He has to follow up w/ his endocrinologist.

Dear Connie,Thank you for all the prayers for Gerri Tokuhara as her surgery went very well.  However, the extensive surgery is causing Gerri a lot of pain and she is having to take a lot of pain meds that are leaving her nauseous.  May I please ask for continued prayers for her complete recovery.  Let's ask God to heal her wounds and restore her to health.  It is a very difficult time for Gerri and getting through this pain requires a strong resolve.  let's ask God to take this pain away and to give her healing and comfort.  She has another uphill battle to fight when she starts chemo.  Thank you very much.
In Christ's love,-Eileen

Hi again ... an update on Joanie and baby.  Joanie gave birth a little after midnight this morning to a baby girl (3 lbs.14 oz.).    Doctor is monitoring the baby's breathing, but other than that, mom and baby are doing well.  On behalf of the Tokuda/Miyasawa family, a heartfelt thank you for your prayers. -Geri

From Bill Sahm  -  Their grandson-in-law has requested prayer for a relative who has breast cancer - Jackie Pool. And Bill and Hattie are requesting prayer for a friend Gladys Boatrite who has colon cancer. Please pray that they may be healed. - Shirley
Aloha, Connie. One of Hawaii's breaking news is on our son, Mark's deployment to Kuwait in a few weeks.  Please lift him and the entire 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team up in prayer for God's full armor of protection.  May God also embrace their loved ones with His love and comfort.Thank you, Connie, for all that you are and for all that you do to communicate with all of our prayer angels.God's Blessings to all. -Naomi
Hi Connie- a note asking for prayers from my friend in Hawaii-- Thanks for what you do-- From my nephew  Sean in Florida: Please keep my wife Nikki's mom in your prayers she has taken a turn for the worse and has swelling in
her brain. They stopped all of her chemo and radiation. It was felt
that after two years it had done all it was going to do. Of course the
tumors have now increased in size, and wouldn't you know this would
happen the day before I leave for Oklahoma for training. - Bonnie
We have a very dear friend named August.  He was Hank's VW repairman before Hank went into the Navy, so they go back more than 40 yrs  He is battling lung ca with mets to one lymph node.  Please pray that the chemo & radiation tx's stop this disease. Praise God his daughter, Heike, is one year free of Hodgkins Lymphoma !!!  Thankyou for your prayers, L.I.C., -Jan
Hi, Connie ... PTL, the prayer chain is growing. - Geri
Hi Geri, Can you inform  the prayer warriors to pray for Amy Abe?  She is again in the hospital with kidney and liver problems.  It's been a week since she has been admittted. I appreciated it! God Bless! -Richard Honda
Please pray for a young lady who had a positive pregnancy test w/ elevated hormones, but on exam, the docs cannot find the baby.
Please pray for a little boy who fell backwards, hitting his head & his back.
Hi Connie,
may I please add these to your prayer list: Aunty Margaret (Muggsy) who has liver cancer, Uncle Charlie who has stomach cancer. thank you, -karen
Please put Nakia Graig a 5th grade student on the prayer list.  She broke her ankle, developed a blood clot, an infection, had surgery .  She is being tube fed and has a breathing tube.  Pray for her recovery.Thank you,-Susan
Dear  Connie,Today, Gerri Tokuhara (who is recovering from radical cancer surgery) fainted at home.  Luckily, her son Reid was there with her and called the ambulance. She had been bleeding internally.  She is now at Kapiolani Women's and has received blood transfusion and an MRI to determine where the bleeding is taking place. Please pray for Gerri's healing, that God will take her pain away and guide this new doctor who will be caring for her since her regular doctor is away on the mainland for a workshop.  It has been very difficult for Gerri as the pain has been unbearable.  Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. -Love, Eileen
Per Ginny Tam, Char Owens' mother passed away on Tues, 20 Jan. Char sends her appreciation for all the prayers that were said on her & on her mom's behalf. Please continue to pray for Char as she goes through this period of grieving.

25JAN09                                                                                       Jaime is requesting prayer for her husband, & for her husband's grandfather.
The grandfather has become quite ill, & isn't expected to live much longer. Jaime's husband is in the Navy, serving on a ship in the Persian Gulf, & may not make it home in time to see his grandfather, who he didn't see before he was deployed. Pray that Jaime's hubby will make it home in time to see his grandfather. Pray for comfort & peace for the grandfather.

Connie, please invite the prayer warriors to join me in prayer for Doris and her family.  May our God of comfort bring peace and calm to the hearts concerned about what the days ahead may bring.   Love in Christ, Geri 
Geri,  my sister in law is not expected to live for more than a few more days if her last resort does not work.  She's already talked to us and her sisters and is waiting for her son to come home tomorrow at 4:00.  Please give a prayer for her; she's gone through about 12 surgeries since August.  Her name is Doris.  Thank you. -Gwen
Hello Connie, I hope this note finds you and yours in the best of health.
I brought my mom home from the hospital Wednesday. She is rehabbing at home and Lynn and Nokomis are taking pretty good care of her. Thanks again for your concern and prayers.We both know how difficult it is for people at that stage of life to endure such violent attacks to the body. I know God calls his servants when he wants them. 
 It's a shame I had to use so much time to keep from having to loose them. Sometime management is just dumb. I visited my Nephrology Doctor Last week and he was pleased with the results and the progress since the operation. The Creatinine levels were at 1.5. That's below my baseline. The Rappamune seems to be the drug I needed. Even the pain in the knees have subsided a bit. So things seem to be going well from a health prospective.  I'm thinking of upping my physical training to help tone some of the muscles that had atrophied during rehabbing.So take care of yourself and I'll write soon with hopefully  more good news Faithfully, -Cordell     
Sorry to return so long after the prayer requests. I had no information.
1. I spoke with my sister this afternoon. Her friend in the next office has not been at work, the father hasn't been in. However, my sister knows the grandfather. A. Prayer request was made Jan 14. The information was sketchy at best. B. Per the grandfather this weekend- Nathan received 2 units of blood on Thursday, Jan 15th. Surgery to be performed as asap.
C. Surgery was done [??] Friday, Jan 16th. A 1 pound tumor, growth, ?? was removed from Nathan's spleen. The surgeon feels they got it all.
D. It was an anomaly they were not familiar with, had never seen, etc. They didn't know what to do with, about it. It was resected, and sent- literally- all over the world, in an effort to identify what it was, and what treatment, if any, would be required. They are awaiting return information.
E. Following surgery, breathing was noticeably easier for the 3 mo. old infant. It is felt the tumor was large enough to push against Nathan's diaphragm, impeding his respirations. F. The baby is currently discharged, and recuperating at home. 2. Thomas S, injured in a dune buggy accident Dec 31, has been transferred to a rehab facility. He remembers more each day- but there is still much confusion, blanks, etc from the head trauma. 3. Phyl, returning for the 3rd series of scans on the 30th. Prayers, please, for all- for strength, positive test results, healing, and grace to all those ill, and their families to sustain them. Thanks, Peace and Many Blessings- Bonnie
Connie, I am very thankful mom does not have any of the things we have tested for. However, we still do not know what is causing the problems. So we are going back to the doctor to discuss more testing. Thanks for the prayers and please continue. Take Care, -T. J.
Hi, Everyone.Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Erik and I will be returning home for 2 weeks before he begins his treatments here in Illinois.  We'll be arriving on Thursday (01/29) in time for Mark's community meeting on his deployment. Please continue to pray for Mark, his family, the entire brigade and their families for God's full armor of protection and His peace throughout the world as it begins with us. God's Blessings to all.  Love - Naomi
Hi, Everyone. This is the update on Erik’s condition as of Tuesday, 27 January 2009. Exploratory surgery was done yesterday and Erik is still recovering from its effects. Thank God his kidneys are looking fine and functioning. An extensive and painful biopsy was done on his bladder. We will know the results after we return to Illinois on Feb. 13. Good news is that Doctor cleared Erik for air travel this afternoon. Please continue to lift him up in prayers for our God is good and we thank Him in EVERYTHING. Erik and I will be returning to Hawaii on Thursday, Jan. 29 for two weeks in time for Mark’s community meeting before his deployment. Erik will also be seeing his doctors in Hawaii. When we return to Illinois, Erik will begin his immunotherapy and we are hoping to return to Hawaii in April. Will keep you posted on his progress. Thank you again for all your prayers. Love you all - Naomi
Just found out this morning that Jim Price, Pastor of Cross UCC, had hernia surgery.  It is expected that he will go home this day.
 Also  please keep my great-grandson Seamus in your prayers.  He had an endoscopy done today to see if he has any serious problems with breathing.
Everything is OK and now we should be able to schedule MRI to see how much nerve damage he had to his arm at birth (Erb's Palsy).  They are also keeping him overnite to monitor sleeping patterns.  He is a happy little boy and we are truly blessed.  Shirley
Hi Connie,
Could you please forward this to our prayer warriors.  The request is from Brian Benavente, Jessica's boyfriend.  Prayers are needed for a five year old boy named Felix who has a tumor in his brain stem.  Thanks a lot, Rita
Hello Praying Friends,
I just received this email from a mother whose son was in my class a few
years ago.  Please pray for Felix and pass this on.  Thank you!
Hey Jen, Devin's 5year old cousin is going down to SF today for open brain
surgery tomorrow.  They need to remove a tumor that embedded in his brain
stem.  The doctors are not optimistic, and say there is a very high chance
of blindness, paralysis, or death.  I'm hoping to start a prayer chain..
Could you please pray and pass the message on.  Thank you so much.  His name
is Felix.  Love ya
Dear Connie, Ed's mother was hospitalized this Monday with pneumonia in one lung and bleeding from an unknown source.  She is in a lot of pain from broken rib and or fracture in the back.  Please pray for healing and relief from the pain and difficulty in breathing.  She has been crying out to Jesus and has been in extreme pain and yet will recoup at times.  She is a fighter and has come this far because of her faith in the Lord.  Thank you. Love, -Eileen
Connie, Oakley has been losing weight and it looks like her kidney and pancreas numbers are off the chart.  She’s at the vet on IV and they say it might take a week or so to get them better, if they can?   Please ask for prayers for her.  She is 11 almost twelve and the sweetest dog. Thanks, -Ellen
Please pray for those who are affected by the ice storms that have gone across the U.S. Many of these people will be without heat and/or water until mid-February! Pray that they are able to find warm shelter & clean water, & pray that those working to restore the power are successful & are able to do so without experiencing injury.
Shirley, I would like to request prayers for Jeff's cousin Wyndon.  He has just been diagnosed with colon cancer.  He is going to have a CT scan on Tuesday and will hopefully have surgery not to long after that.  Please keep Wyndon and his mother Beverly in your prayers. I would also like to request prayers for a man named Doug.  Doug does the refinishing of our countertops and has been struggling with colon cancer as well.  He had surgery in the fall and seemed to be doing well, however, today we found out he had kidney failure.  Please keep Doug, his wife and their children in your prayers. God Bless, -Carol
Continued prayers for our Aunty Margaret (Muggsy) who has liver cancer, they found that it has spread to her brain and heart.  thank you. - Karen
for A.G. and his lawyer until Feb 13th, 2009, for social justice, strength, wisdom, and grace under fire as he and his lawyer address on-going child support for children, now adults, petitioned for by a greedy and spiteful ex-wife. Prayers also for the wife- she is bitter and unhappy, and especially hateful to AG, directly to him, and thru his children. Twenty years is a long time to wage war on a partner of a failed marriage. Both parties were at fault. Thanks- Peace and many Blessings- Bonnie
Over the past two years I have requested prayer numerous times  for Mike (the husband of a friend of mine)  and I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  His latest report is No Cancer.   PRAYER WORKS!!     I would like to request that you pray for his continued healing. -Shirley
Just left San Antonio to get the results on the latest CT and like the one in November.....NO CANCER!!  Can you believe going from a stage 4 lung cancer, lymph gland cancer and parotid gland cancer to NOTHING. Don't tell me prayer doesn't work. He is still going to have to go back for "maintenance treatments" every 6 weeks then maybe 3 months and take it from there.  We did a little jig when we got out of the doctors office   Everyone have a great day, we just did. Thank you all for your prayers, Love ya, -Jackie
Dear Friends, those of you who do not reside in HI, might not be aware that the House voted to pass the same-sex marriage bill. It is due to go before the state Senate in the near future. Please pray that this bill from the devil is defeated! Mahalo & God bless, -Connie
May this visit find you and your love ones in the best of grace.
We were blessed to have parents that made Christ a part of our life with the understanding that he is there for you ALWAYS. Blessings cannot be received unless you know where to look.
   We still haven't been able to get a culture to grow anything that identifies the UTI. I'm not experiencing any discomfort and since changing to the Rappamune my stamina has improved. The side effects, which may have been induced by over prescribing, were skin flaking, and some peptic discomfort. My dosage was reduced from 5 mg. DEC .8, to 3 mg.  JAN .8, to 2 mg Wednesday. Way over prescribed. The Sugar level has been consistent the last four months. That was more a reaction of caution when it came in high three months in a row shortly after the surgery, and the doctor confirmed hat it is a condition of concern in abdominal transplant patients.
   My nephew arrived Tuesday and is giving us ten days of assistance with my mother. The company he works for were aware of the my moms situation and wanted to do what they could to help. Nokomis was to leave today but the weather didn't cooperate. Her timing was wonderful for the work that needed to be done during this stage of rehabilitation. I want to help her drive back but she insisted that I was needed more here right now. Gratefully Yours, -Cordell
Please keep Reba Weidner (our 3rd Sunday pianist)  in your prayers for healing.   Reba had emergency gall bladder surgery today.   -Shirley
Hi, Everyone! Believe it or not - we’re enjoying the “cool” weather here in Illinois. Forgive me for the delay in responding to your concerns but the internet has not been cooperating. The result of the biopsy shows the cancer cells have invaded the inner lining of the bladder. Erik has started his first of six BCG treatment on Tuesday (once a week for 6 weeks). He responded well and so far has had expected side effects as tiredness and slight headaches. No nausea was experienced. Effects have diminished each day as he continues with his daily Qi Jong exercises and aqua-aerobics twice a week. He also continues with his fresh vegetable juice twice a day and is watching his diet with more fruits and vegetables with little or no meat protein. He has also removed carbohydrates from his diet since cancer cells feed on sugar.
Our loving God has done and continues to lay His healing hands upon Erik and we are doing our part to keep him comfortable and healthy. Please continue to lift Erik up in your prayers for God’s continuing healing grace. Thank God for Nadine and Ronnie’s hospitality and for referring us to Dr. Ciancio. We couldn’t have asked for more. What a blessing! Nalani has been a blessing too! She’s beginning to “talk” and we share stories with each other which I enjoy. She is MY therapy. Take care of each other and as we prepare ourselves for our Lord’s death and resurrection may we continue to remember His unconditional love.
God’s Blessings to all. -Naomi

Power in Prayer 
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